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Chipping Days 2022

Save the dates!

The IMPOA board is happy to announce that we will have chipping available for our property owners.  Save the date: August 1st – 5th will be our week of chipping.  More info will be provided as it becomes available.
Chipping Business Rules
  1. Must be a dues paying member of IMPOA to sign up for chipping.
  2. If you sign up for chipping and are not ready when they arrive at your property, you will lose your place in line.  Based on availability, we can try and schedule you back in, but no guarantees.
  3. Items for chipping must be brought down to the road.  There are no pile specifications and logs up to 18” in diameter are accepted.  Consider stacking firewood sized logs separately and posting a NextDoor Neighbor free firewood message. 
  4. If you have limitations in bringing slash down to the roadside, please contact us and we will come up with a plan.
This announcement was posted on NextDoor and is included here for those not on NextDoor.
August chipping information: A sign up will be available in May for chipping the 1st week of August Monday-Friday.  Property owners do not need to be present.  There are no specifications on the size of piles other than no logs greater than 18".  We ask that if you have larger logs that you place them in another pile and advertise on NextDoor so folks can get them to burn.  If you don't have access to NextDoor, please reach out and we can post for you.  If you need assistance, again reach out via email to

Kim Novitch
IMPOA Firewise Director