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Updated May 21, 2015

Starry night skies and natural darkness play important parts in our Indian Mountain community. We embrace our natural lightscapes to not only enjoy nighttime scenery, but the lightscapes also are critical for maintaining nocturnal habitat. Many wildlife species rely on natural patterns of light and dark for navigation, to cue behaviors, or to hide from predators. Human-caused light may be obtrusive in the same manner that noise can disrupt a contemplative or peaceful scene. Light that is undesirable in a natural or cultural landscape is often called "light pollution."

Light pollution is a broad term that refers to inefficient, unappealing or (arguably) unnecessary use of artificial light. Light trespassing occurs when unwanted light enters one property from another property. A common light trespass problem in Indian Mountain is when a strong light enters the window of one home from the outside or blocks a gorgeous stargazing session. We can immediately fix our light pollution problem by turning unused lights off, pointing any needed lights down toward the ground and adding motion sensors to lights so they only shine when they're needed.

Park County’s Land Use Regulations (see contain detailed requirements on lighting. Owners are referred to that site for those details. However, the principal requirement of these regulations is “Light sources must direct light downward and be concealed or shielded to mask the surface of the bulb or light-emitting element from adjacent properties. The following tables illustrate unacceptable and acceptable types of light fixtures.”
As in other matters where one neighbor insults another through actions or inactions, IMPOA recommends that the best first course of action is to meet your neighbors and voice your concern. If speaking to your neighbor with the obtrusive lighting does not prove fruitful, you may wish to file a complaint form with Park County. A citizen complaint form is on the County website. A copy of the form is found in the link, below. It shows where to send the form.