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Updated February 19, 2019
It probably is understood, but we’ll say it anyhow: most of us come to the mountains to get away from the congestion, hubbub and noise with which we are inundated in the city. Then, in some isolated cases, we find noise in the mountains. Barking dogs, continuously running ventilation systems in outbuildings that house God knows what, portable electric generators, vehicles with ineffective mufflers, you name it, complaints abound.
As in other matters where one neighbor insults another through actions or inactions, IMPOA recommends that the best first course of action is to meet your neighbors and voice your concern.
If speaking to your neighbor with the noisemaker does not prove fruitful, you may wish to file a complaint form with Park County. The County has a noise ordinance numbered 12-01. It is available on the park County website The ordinance prohibits the transfer of sound across a property boundary and lists some exceptions. It covers many different situations too numerous to list here, so owners are encouraged to go to the ordinance itself and see the requirements. See
A citizen complaint form is also on the County website.
A copy of the form is found in the link, below. It shows where to send the form.