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Updated September 2018

IMPOA (Indian Mountain Property Owners Association) is a voluntary association that began in 1985, and all property owners are encouraged to consider joining.  IMPOA’s purpose is to act, inform, educate and advocate on issues of concern to property owners to maintain the quality of life in Indian Mountain (IM).  Membership in IMPOA is voluntary and between 600-700 owners join each year...with hopefully more owners joining this year!   Dues are $45/year and all dues and donations from property owners help maintain the property investments and quality of life for all of us in Indian Mountain.  As an additional benefit, participating in IMPOA and other community activities is a great way to become acquainted with your IM neighbors.

IMPOA funds important wildfire mitigation projects, such as “chipping days” for property owners and applying for and administering any grants awarded to IMPOA.  The IMPOA Board also maintains Indian Mountain’s recognition as a Firewise Community by the National Forest Service and the National Fire Protection Association.  This designation is recognized by various Insurance Companies and can result in lower premiums for IM property owners’ insurance.  IMPOA purchases the IM street signs and speed limit signs, repairs and replaces the perimeter fencing to ‘fence-out’ cattle from neighboring ranches to prevent them from entering the subdivision, and serves as a liaison between the community and Park County government agencies on issues of importance to Indian Mountain such as Land Use Regulations. 

IMPOA also sponsors an annual Dumpster Day which is a convenient opportunity for property owners to rid themselves of unwanted items; sponsors or supports special events such as the presentation on the Ute Prayer Trees in South Park; maintains the IMPOA website; and, in collaboration with Indian Mountain Metropolitan District (IMMD) creates and distributes a quarterly newsletter to owners.  IMPOA also collaborates with IMMD for community activities such as the yearly picnic and various community meetings.   IMPOA also shared with IMMD payment of the legal fees incurred for the Water Augmentation litigation and contributed funds for the purchase of augmentation water for the new IM Water Service Program, which was implemented in 2018 and is owned and administered by IMMD for the benefit of those owners choosing to enroll in the program. 

IMPOA Facts:

  1. PROPERTY OWNER REPRESENTATION--IMPOA is focused on property owners and their properties while IMMD (Indian Mountain Metropolitan District) has responsibility for the facilities and parks within Indian Mountain through funds received from property taxes. Both organizations strive to work closely together for the overall good of the neighborhood, and IMPOA serves as a representative of Indian Mountain with Park County agencies, realtors, and new owners.
  2. VOTING--Membership is voluntary but only “Members in Good Standing” (current paid memberships) are allowed to vote as part of the IMPOA governing actions (i.e., Director elections, proposals, actions, etc.).
  3. COMMUNICATION--Your membership with all contact information included (e-mail, phone number, USPS address), ensures that you receive all IMPOA and IMMD communications. These communications are only sent for important information.  If owners do not have e-mail addresses, hard copy of the communication is sent via US Mail. 
  4. COVENANTS--A common misunderstanding exists that Covenants are not applicable if one is not a member of IMPOA. The truth is, Covenants are applicable to all, regardless of their membership status. The Covenants were put in place by the developers when IM was created in the 1970’s and are applicable to and enforceable on all property owners. Although IMPOA has no unique standing under the Covenants, it assists property owners in resolving issues of noncompliance with the Covenants and the County’s Land Use Regulations.
  5. IMPOA Board Members’ service is voluntary…they are not compensated.

Please join many of your neighbors and become a member of’s just $45/year.